FPC Mission in Liberia Erects 150′ Radio Station Tower

MONROVIA— The FPCNA mission work in Liberia reached the halfway point this morning in constructing a 150-foot guy wired tower for their new radio station on their property one hour’s drive from Monrovia, the capital city of Liberia.

Three weeks ago, the mission board of the Free Presbyterian Church of North America voted to take steps to launch a radio station in Liberia after their local mission work was granted permission to test an FM frequency by the Liberian government.

The view from atop the first 75 feet of the FPC Mission’s FM radio station tower on their property in Duazon, Liberia.
“We’ve been testing now for two weeks and have had no challenges,” Rev. David DiCanio, one of two missionaries in Liberia, said. “We’ve been broadcasting for three hours each day (from 12 noon to 3pm) on a station about one mile from our property.”

Workers attach guy wires to the second section of the tower 80 feet from the base.
Missionary Joanne Greer, who also labors in Liberia, drove one hour into Monrovia and was able to hear the station well in most parts of the city.

“We are testing at 300 watts power with a one bay antenna,” Mr. DiCanio said. “We hope to get a license for 1000 watts and plan to use a 4-bay antenna that we are repairing and purchasing from another radio station (see video of the antenna removal here). That signal will be very clear.”

The tower currently stands 75 feet tall.
The mission board property in Duazon sits on a hill and according to the lead tower climber is perfect for radio.

“He climbed onto our 25-foot water tower and said that he could see unusually far for that height,” Mr. DiCanio said. “He told us our signal would really travel.”

The missionaries say that the tower should be completed by tomorrow and the transmitter and antenna should be ready to begin a proper testing of the signal by the middle of next week.

“We really ask the Lord’s people to pray for this project,” Mr. DiCanio said. “It is by no means a done deal, but we are moving along rapidly. We pray mostly that there will be no hiccups with the signal and final frequency approval.”