Below are some of the most common questions our listeners have

Who is allowed to broadcast on your station?

We only broadcast those ministries who hold to the same doctrinal position that we hold. We do have programs that deal with history and current events from a biblical worldview, and therefore, because they are specialized programs, they may not hold our exact views, but we are careful to air detailed disclaimers when we have a concern about content.

Can I come by your station?

Our station is not really open to the public unless an appointment is made first.

Are you hiring employees at your station?

Our radio station is basically automated, and therefore we do not need employees. The automation system is common among most stations around the world, and this saves money allowing us to continue to bring you great programming. Although our station is physically in Duazon, Liberia, and the programming plays from that station, we depend upon programs from churches around the world, and therefore we are very dependent upon the internet. We do not stream programming from other stations to our station. The content is actually coming from our Liberian studio, but we do use content from other ministries. Our hourly news programs automatically download and play at the correct times, and all other programs slot into the line up at their correct times.


Why don't you have Liberian programming?

Quality programs take a tremendous amount of time to assemble. We are unable to produce our own programs at this time, but are planning to do children's programs in the future. We are also very careful about local Liberian churches who often preach the prosperity gospel, or promote an unbiblical worship style. We are also concerned about some local Liberian news outlets who repeat unverified information, and therefore we will not be covering Liberian news at this time.

I cannot understand your standard English?

We have not found many who claim they cannot understand our standard English, but if you are having trouble, we invite you to continue to listen and we believe you will gradually understand.

How far does your station reach?

Our radio station broadcasts with two different transmitters, a 1400 watt signal from a Nautel VS1 transmitter, and an Elenos EKG2000. Our tower is a 154 foot Rohn 55G with a four-bay dipole antenna mounted at the top 20 feet. The station can be heard from about 20 miles in each direction from our tower in Duazon, Lower Margibi. We've had listeners report to us from as far as Harbel, Dwalah, Johnson City, and Careysberg.


Can I call your station and talk on the air?

We do not have live call-in programs at this time, primarily because we are not set up with a 7-second delay system. We take very seriously the responsibility we have to disseminate accurate information, and so we are extremely cautious about what people say over the air. In Liberia callers often make statements that are not verified, and unfortunately this can cause the rapid spread of rumors. We do however have a comment line where listeners can share their testimony of how the station has helped them spiritually. The number is 0888 66 44 22. Callers should let the phone ring until the voice mail recording answers. Then the caller can record their comment after the tone. Callers will not talk to a live person, but will leave a recording only.

Why is most of your programming American?

Our programs are mostly American because we are an English speaking station and so we are limited to getting our programs from English speakers. America, by far, has more English speaking Christian programming than any other country in the world. However, we do have speakers from Canada, Northern Ireland, England, and Australia. Since Liberia is, in some ways, a daughter of America historically, we have found that some Liberians still link their history to America and therefore appreciate hearing about America's godly heritage. We believe that it is extremely helpful for Liberians to contextualize those historically biblical influences onto their own country.

How do you fund your station?

Our station raises funds from overseas supporters. The station is a registered branch of our NGO - Free Presbyterian Mission in Liberia. Our NGO is certified by the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning, the Liberia Revenue Authority, and the Liberia Business Registry. We also have a permit to operate from the Ministry of Information, and have been granted a license from the Liberia Telecommunications Authority to broadcast on 92.50 MHz.

Do you sell advertisements on your station?

We do not sell advertisements since we are registered as a  non-commercial station.